No! John Mayer Has A New GF & He’s “Smitten”

John Mayer

John Mayer may be getting close to changing his relationship status on Facebook. The gorgeous crooner is reportedly dating an upcoming actress. Matter fact, I watched her last night on Santa Clarita Diet! The big reveal inside.

John Mayer John Mayer

Life & Style Weekly report that John Mayer has begun dating actress Natalie Morales. “They’ve only had a few dates.” said a source.

Now, ya’ll know how I feel about ‘sources.’ Who is this person? When did they say this and why are they telling people’s business? But, according to this publication, “John’s telling friends he’s finally fallen in love again.”

Hmm, I find that just a tad bit hard to believe since the 39-year-old is currently on tour. Wouldn’t it be a little difficult to spark a new relationship while on the road?


John Mayer

The Body is a Wonderland singer has been single for two years; his last relationship being with the pop singer, Katy Perry. In case you’re unsure of who Natalie Morales is, well she’s starred in episodes of Parks & Recreation and plays a lesbian cop on Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet.

“John is smitten.” added the source. Okay guys, my next mission is to find photos of him with actually with Natalie.


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