A Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Premiering in 2018!

Nightmare Before Christmas

A Nightmare Before Christmas sequel is coming, yay! So much excitement right? Well, calm down because unfortunately, it’s not what you think. I mean, yes, a sequel is coming but-just read inside.

Nightmare Before Christmas

I’m sure your bubble will be just as burst as mine was when I realized that A Nightmare Before Christmas sequel is coming…as a comic book. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively states that Tokyopop will publish a continuation story from the 1993 Tim Burton film. The comic is titled Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey and tells the story of ” Jack Skellington’s dog, Zero, as he gets lost in Christmas Town.”

The comic book will be released to stores as a full-color single issue and later in two formats: full-color trade paperback and black and white ‘pocket sized manga’ volumes. You got that? ‘Cus I have no idea what any of that means. The Nightmare On Christmas comic is written by DJ Milky and drawn by Studio DICE.




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