Nickelodeon Eyeshadow Palette? Yup, It’s A Thing!


Nickelodeon is bringing back memories of the ’90s with the launch of a new eyeshadow palette. Now you can let the Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy and CatDog help you get ready in the morning. Who knew?!


Cosmopolitan UK reports that the eyeshadow palette is available at Hot Topic for $16.90. I’m not sure if its an exclusive sell. The Nickelodeon themed palette comes with 10 bright shades named after those popular catchphrases we adored as kids like, “Hi Ho Diggity”, “I’m the Boss” and “You Ee diot!”. Cute.

Quick update: I just checked out the Hot Topic website and it turns out this palette is on sale for $13.52 but oh shoot…it’s sold out.

Sorry ’bout it. You can always check back on the Hot Topic website to see if more are added. Happy shopping!

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