Nick Carter Accused Of Raping Former Dream Member, Melissa Schuman

Nick Carter of my favorite boy band, Backstreet Boys, has been added to this list of yucky white men (aside from Russell Simmons) that have allegedly groped, assaulted and/or raped women! Melissa Schuman is a former pop singer of the girl group Dream, accused Nick of raping her over 20 years ago. Fix it, Jesus. Story, inside.

Nick Carter

What’s sad is that Melissa is not the first woman to say Nick Carter crossed the line in a physical manner. In fact, it was her hearing  of another woman’s story, that made her write a recent blog post, retelling what happened between the two of them. “Schuman wrote that she was “forced to engage in an act against my will” with Nick Carter. That act being him making her give him oral sex. Wait a minute, he also TOOK HER VIRGINITY! Oh, no!

Let’s back up, what had happened was (LOL) Melissa and Nick’s reps wanted them to date. So, one day their reps got them on a 4-way call to see if there was a spark. Unfortunately, Melissa already had a boyfriend. After the call, Carter invited her to his Santa Monica home. She went and brought a friend with her. See, a girl always brings a friend when she isn’t interested. Everyone took a shot and played video games. Soon after, Nick invited Melissa into his office. He unbuttoned her pants and began performing oral sex on her, though she asked him to stop. Wait, what? I’mma leave that there.

Nick Carter Nick Carter

 Moving along, after he stopped giving her felatio, he made her go down on him. “He was stronger and much bigger than me, and there was no way I would be able to open that door or have anyone help me.” Melissa wrote. She thought her only way to escape was to finish the deed. Unfortunately after doing so. Nick pushed her on his bed and climbed on top of her. “I told him that I was a virgin and I didn’t want to have sex. I told him that I was saving myself for my future husband. I said it over and over again.” This story is horrible.

I used to go hard for the Backstreet Boys; especially when *Nsync came out. You may’ve well called me a ride or die fan; though I have yet to see them in concert. Have you seen the price of their Las Vegas tickets? No thanks. Aside from that, after hearing so many shocking allegations from so many men of power, I may be a fan of Nick Carter but I can’t put anything past anybody.

The 37 year-old has released a statement saying “‘Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time since that anything we did was not consensual” which means they did in fact have sexual encounters. In defense to Schuman, she said that she did in fact tell her manager what happened but they responded with how powerful Nick’s legal team was. Hmm, I don’t know. I’m feeling like this story is true. Sigh.

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