Nene Leakes + Tamar Braxton Feuding Or Nah?

Nene Leakes + Tamar Braxton

Nene Leakes + Tamar Braxton aren’t getting along? These two ladies, whom I adore, may be feuding for petty reasons only. Can we get Taraji P. Henson or Gabrielle Union to spread some girl power vibes between these two? Story inside.

Nene Leakes + Tamar Braxton
Nene Leakes on Saturday

The Inquisitr reports that the Nene Leakes + Tamar Braxton beef began after a fan commented under a photo of the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, saying she looked like Tamar. In which Leakes replied, “Nothing about me looks like Tamar so cut the bulls*** out. U just wanna be saying something but u ain’t saying s*** dumb a**.” Well geez. Did Nene pop off on a stranger over a compliment? Or was that fan shading Tamar? I’m confused. Probably because this is petty and childish ie right up Nene Leakes + Tamar Braxton alley.

Last time I heard, these two 40-something year old ladies were friends. Nene even starred in Tamar’s music video for her song, “If I Don’t Have You.”

Nene Leakes + Tamar Braxton

Do you think the reality star shaded Braxton? Before you answer that, apparently this wasn’t Nene’s first time being petty. Back in 2016, another fan said she looked like Tamar and again, Leakes wasn’t having it. “B**** please. Cut the bulls*** out. I’m not Tamar! I might be SLAYmar though.”

I don’t see what the big deal is, last time I checked BOTH these ladies were heavy with the needles. Shoot, maybe they do resemble each other in certain lighting. Whether Nene was in her feelings or not, Tamar left her shade at home and kept it moving with nothing but positivity saying, “I’m happy. I am great. I am chosen. I am yours. I’m blessed…. Remove the foolishness, the failed, and the wicked. Remove ALL things that are NOT mine!!”

Go, Tamar.

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