Nene Leakes Receives Lavish Gifts From THIS MAN

If you follow reality star Nene Leakes on Twitter, then you know that lately she’s been receiving a lot of nice gifts. From diamond earrings, necklaces, to Christian Louboutins and they’re all from one man that is NOT her husband. Nope, Greg is not supplying her with these lavish things but Pizzeria owner John Kolaj is.

In an interview with he spills the deets about red pumps and diamonds saying, “Absolutely, I gave her that ring! It’s 8 carats. I gave her a set of diamond earrings, too [and] a few pair [of Louboutins]”.

Click the jump to see a photo of the twosome.

But when asked if the twosome are a couple he answered, “no comment.”

Kolaj owns 142 italian restaurants all over the world. In fact, we’ll be able to get to know him even more, “I think I’m in three or four more episodes. I’m not getting paid, and I’m not interested in fame. I just feel lucky and blessed to be spending time with Nene.”

He may not be getting paid, but Nene sure is.

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