Naya Rivera + Ryan Dorsey Spotted In Public Together Since Dismissing Divorce Filing

Naya Rivera + Ryan Dorsey

Naya Rivera + Ryan Dorsey are so in love! Actually, I’m not too sure about that. Yes, the former GLEE actress recently dismissed her divorce filing from Ryan Dorsey but the question remains if she did it for love or their son. The answer inside.

Naya Rivera + Ryan Dorsey

Naya Rivera + Ryan Dorsey split up last September after being married for just two years. In-between their separation the author had a fling with comedian David Spade. Why, I don’t know but she did. Obviously it didn’t last because now she’s back in the arms of her baby daddy. Paparazzi spotted them out in public for the first time since reuniting, at a grocery store in Los Angeles on Monday. And speaking of him, did they reunite for love or family?

Well, the Naya recently told Us Weekly at an event, “It is what it is, but I’m glad that my family is together.”

Naya Rivera + Ryan Dorsey

Boom, there’s your answer folks. Although they have the most adorable two year-old son, I’m rooting that these two find the love they had that made them be together in the first place. “It’s always going to have its challenges logistically, but Josey is our priority. Doing what’s best for Josey is really what it all boils down to.” she added.

What baffles me is that Naya Rivera is only 30 years-old. To be dealing with a divorce and getting back with your husband for the sake of your son…that’s a lot. I’m over here at 34 and wondering if I’m going to spin class or not.

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