Naya Rivera Hits Husband On Lip AND Head! Gets Arrested For Domestic Battery

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera is a straight thug. At least she embraced her inner thug last Saturday when she was arrested for domestic battery against her husband, Ryan Dorsey. Yup. HE called the cops on HER. Story inside.

Naya Rivera

Is anyone else feeling some type of way about this? Ryan and Naya are married. They’re supposed to be a team. Sometimes someone will get off-hand but does that mean you treat them like an enemy? What I’m saying is, was getting the cops involved really necessary? I wish my man (wherever he is) would call the cops on me for hitting him.

Anyways, what happened was, police were phoned to their residence around 9:30 p.m. after Naya Rivera hit her husband in he lip and head two times while taking their son for a walk in West Virgina. Not only did Ryan tattle tale but he even recorded video! What kinda husband is he?

Naya Rivera

No, I do not condone physical violence BUT what happens between a husband and wife sometimes need to stay between them.

The former GLEE star was arrested around midnight and released on a $1k bond. Guess who came to pick her up? Her father-in-law! That’s right, Ryan’s daddy. Some reports say alcohol may have been a factor. That brown liquor will make you violent but I’m going to say that’s not why she hit him. Not much time has passed since she dismissed her divorce filing. I have suspicions she did so because she wants her son to live with both parents, not necessarily because she loves Ryan.

Hopefully these two can get it together. And Ryan can stop snitching.


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