Natalie Nylon: Electro Pop Queen Interviewed!

When you think pop princess, you’re probably thinking of Britney Spears. But when you think electro pop queen, you must think of Natalie Nylon. She recently released her sophomore album, “Star Crossed Lovers” and her hit single “XXX” was featured on an episode of the hit television show, American Horror Story. Natalie Nylon is doing it and doing it well! I was given the fabulous chance to interview this gorgeous music queen, and get answers to questions that I know her fans are dying to know!!



Read the interview inside.


How did you get “XXX” featured on American Horror Story?

Natalie: Actually that was thanks to my first producer, Miko! When we wrote this song together, he was joking around and said to me, “This song is going to be in a movie or on TV. I just have a feeling. I mean, how many songs are written about sex?” And so him and I sent it to as many people as we knew to try to get the word out and it worked! The music director for American Horror Story picked it up! And it’s also played in The Real L Word.

 If you could feature your favorite song on your favorite TV show…which would it be?

Haha well American Horror Story is pretty badass. But Game of Thrones would be rad! That show is incredible

What inspired you to start writing songs?

When I first started writing, it kind of just happened and I really didn’t know what I was doing. I mean I was 12 years old and would hide out in the basement and write these songs all by myself about my friends in school, ice cream and my baby brother. Then when I decided to take it seriously and start my solo album, I did it because I love it. Honestly when I don’t write music, I feel like there’s a huge part of me missing and I don’t feel complete. Its just a part of me.

What do you want fans to know about your “Star Crossed Lovers” album?

I am so connected to this album. I started writing it when I was going through a difficult time and it helped me cope with the heartache of a breakup. And also my experience entering the dating scene again which can be so hard. Star-Crossed Lovers refers to one relationship in particular that just never worked out and it seemed as if the stars were against us. The album is a little more pop than dance. My last album was all about dancing and having fun. This one is a lot more personal.


For someone who doesn’t know who Natalie Nylon is, give 3 words that describe your music.

Fun, flirty, energetic. Kind of like me! Haha

“Star Crossed Lovers” is about how you dealt with your breakup (with your fiancé) what advice can you give to women on how to cope from heartache?

Take it one day at a time! Honestly it feels like its the end of the world when you go through a real hard breakup. There were days when I would just cry myself to sleep and thought that I will be alone for the rest of my life. But this is NOT true. Believe me. Keep your head up. Every day will get easier. Keep yourself as busy as possible, hang out with friends, work on yourself. And don’t jump into another relationship right away to mask your feelings. Focus on yourself and not on your ex. You can do it.

You’re currently working on setting tour dates. Which artists would you love to open for?

I would love to get on Coachella or SXSW! That’s my goal. But a particular artist? Lana Del Rey. For sure.

Your second album is about heartbreak, love and dating- have you found new love? And what hint can you give us about the sound of album #3?

Ha-ha I wouldn’t say I found new love. I’ve dated a bunch of guys and really enjoy their company, but I’m not in love with any of them. Its hard, ya know? To find someone who drives you crazy and who you want to spend every day with. There’s only been 2 guys in my life who I’ve felt that with. We’ll just have to see what happens:) And I already started writing album #3 and its all about going out and having fun and being with girlfriends. Its really fun and upbeat. Definitely not about guys ha-ha.

Besides singing, would you like to branch out on any other creative projects?

Well its not really creative, but I’ve found a new love playing tennis haha. Silly I know! But its great exercise and super fun. But when it comes to creativity, I’d love to start a new project with a band rather than solo music. I’ve been in bands since I was 14 yrs. old and love it. I miss it. If anyone out there is interested, hit me up! Haha. It’d be cool to do guy/girl vox.

You’ve been passionate about music since you were a little girl, what advice can you give fans about chasing their dreams?

Never ever give up! Ever. There were so many people that told me I could never do this and it just made me want it more. You can do whatever you put your heart into. Just believe in yourself and push forward.

Any last words, Natalie?

Thank you so much for the interview! And thank you to all my fans out there for supporting me and being there to inspire me. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing this. xo



Photo Credit: Tobias

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