MTV to Premiere Alternate Ending of "The Hills" on RetroMTVBrunch


It’s not a movie on DVD, but there is an alternate ending!

MTV has decided to air an alternate ending of the hit reality show, The Hills on their new network, RetroMTVBrunch.

Fans can watch the show that started it all, from the very beginning,  Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County starting July 8th. Then enjoy the drama that was, on The Hills. You won’t be able to catch the alternate ending of the reality show that Lauren Conrad exited and Heidi and Spencer made millions from, until August 8th.

What was once deemed a REALity show, was later scrutinized by fellow cast member Lauren Conrad, revealing “Sometimes two of the main characters will get into a fight, and that’s important to the story line. The (producers) need that reenacted.”

Tattlers, will you watch Laguna Beach and The Hills?



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