Mr. West Is In the Building: Kanye Spotted in Malibu After Weeks in Wyoming

Mr. West

Mr. West aka Kanye was spotted out in public for the first time since rumors broke that he moved to Wyoming to work on his new album…

Mr. West

Paparazzi spotted Mr. West leaving the posh restaurant Nobu in Malibu on Tuesday. Last time Kanye made news is when he deleted all his social media accounts but launched the clothing line he shares with wife, Kim Kardashian.

Although we haven’t seen the rapper in weeks, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s been in Wyoming. I do hope he’s back to recording new music though. Now, I know we’ve all heard and probably said this before but: I miss the old Kanye. The Life of Pablo concert may have been his best yet, but the album…not so much.

Mr. West

In fact, as a die-hard fan of Mr. West and someone that’s attended all of his concerts, I’m sure I know what I’m talking about when I say his last couple albums have been his worst work yet. I’m sure it has to do with him being in the sunken place and married to that gawd-awful family; but, what can we do.

Either way, I really hope Kanye has his head on straight and wants to put out the best hip-hop album yet.

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