Mindy Kaling’s Baby Bump! …I Think

Mindy Kaling's Baby Bump

Minday Kaling’s baby bump is showing…I think. Are you guys tired of me talking about it yet? I just love her so this news makes me super excited. Though, I still may be waiting for confirmation. You be the judge, inside.

Mindy Kaling's Baby Bump

Paparazzi spotted Mindy Kaling’s baby bump, or at least they may have, in a floral sheath dress worn while enjoying a dinner date at Restaurant Madeo in West Hollywood on Tuesday. My Instagram followers has kept the conversation going for a week now, on if the former Office writer is expecting. Most say yes, and well, I’m still waiting for HER to confirm.

Her dress is gorgeous, she’s in five inch heels; do you see Mindy Kaling’s baby bump? The actress was definitely in high spirits. Once again folks, more time will have to tell for me to officially confirm news that I think is exciting but not entirely sure it’s true.

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