Miley Cyrus Sells Sex in Bangerz Promo Pics


Justin Timberlake said she’s letting everyone know that she’s no longer a child, but maybe there is a better way to go about things Justin.

Miley Cyrus released promotional images for her upcoming album Bangerz.

Grabbing her crotch. exposing her breasts and G-string are just a few things fans can expect from the photographs.

More photos inside.



If Miley Cyrus is on a mission to sell sex then she is well on her way to success.

The Bangerz promo pictures look cheaply made, if you ask me. Is it possible that she got her best friend or assistant to snap a couple of sexy photos and then mess around with them in Photoshop?

October 8th is when the controversial pop singer will release her fourth album.

Tattlers, do you plan on taking this record off the shelves?

Photo Credit: RCA

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