Miley Cyrus Proves "I'm Just This Ratchet White Girl" in Notion Magazine


Lately it seems that Miley Cyrus, 20, just cannot keep her clothes on.

In the new issue of Notion Magazine, the new and not-very-improved pop singer wanted to prove her haters wrong saying, “People have this misconception of me that I’m just one of these kids on TV and that now I go off and party and I’m just this ratchet white girl, and I’m not.”

Says the girl that embraces popping Molly’s, twerking and doing cocaine.

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Miley continued her whining, “I work really hard, I’m just in a different environment. I’m young and living in LA which is everyone’s dream, you know.”

American Idol judge and pop singer herself, Demi Lovato, tweeted her concern to Miley, about her crude lyrics that highlight drugs and sex.

Miley Cyrus may not want people to think that she’s a ratchet white girl, but she sure is acting like one.

Photo Credit: Notion Magazine

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