Miguel gets Three Years Probation for DUI Arrest


Aside from belting out romantic RnB love songs, Miguel will now have to meet with a probation officer for the next three years.

After pleading ‘no contest’ to his 2013 arrest for receiving two counts of driving under the influence, the singer paid a $360 fine and was ordered to complete an alcohol education course.

On August 13th Miguel was pulled over by a Los Angeles police officer for his overly tinted windows. When he rolled down the window, the cop smelled alcohol. The singer agreed to take a breathalyzer test, which ended showing that he had a .10 blood alcohol level.

Unfortunately the California limit is .08

Cops arrested Miguel and he later posted $5,000 for bail. After his quick time in jail, the 28-year-old told TMZ, “Driving with alcohol in my system was reckless. I’m really sorry and I’m taking responsibility for this mistake.


Photo credit: Miguel Instagram

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