Mehgan James Claps Back, Says She Didn’t Leak Rob Kardashian Rumor!

Mehgan James

Mehgan James, yes, I am talking about her again. But, this will be the last time…I think. So, last Friday Rob Kardashian finally tweeted he isn’t dating the former Basketball Wives star and doesn’t even know her. And now, the streets is saying SHE made the story up! But, I digress because Mehgan is FINALLY talking…

Mehgan James

This morning, news dropped that it was in fact Mehgan who created the lie that she was dating Rob in the first place. TMZ says her “team” contacted a variety of media outlets to spread the story. But, James is tooting a different horn.

“I never faked anything. Anyone that asked, I told them it was not true. THEY (media) are the ones who pieced together a story with no receipts. ” she wrote under TMZ Instagram.

Mehgan James

Welp tattlers, there you have it. Mehgan James said she never created the story she was dating Rob Kardashian. Of course she wasn’t going to take this lie sitting down, “If I ever was going to fake relationship with a rich white guy it would be PRINCE HARRY.” she added.

Wait a minute, is Rob rich? If I were Mehgan, I would’ve put the P in Petty and just named like 20 other white boys that I’d date instead of Robert Kardashian. Practically, anyone is more attractive than him and his belly. Like I said, where Blac Chyna at?! Don’t nobody want him but her. And I’m still bamboozled about that.

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