Meet The Man Who Designed the "Bill Cosby Sweater"


Bill Cosby is known for being a comedian, creating a positive voice for the African American family on the hit television sitcom The Cosby Show and oh, for his sweaters of course.

If you’ve ever wondered who the designer is that made the “Bill Cosby Sweater”, then I think it’s time I introduced him to you. While we’re at it, you can hop over to Bill Cosby’s official website and choose which sweater is your favorite.

Meet the designer inside.


Let’s all meet Dutch designer, Koos van der Akker, the man famous for designing those artistic sweaters that no brand could ever quite duplicate.

During an interview with, Akker explained how he began designing sweaters for Bill Cosby saying,

I had an actress customer called Josephine Premice. She was a friend of Bill’s, and one day she said, ‘I need a present for Bill Cosby, can I get a sweater?’ She took the sweater to his set, and he put it on and liked it. Then a couple weeks later, there was all kinds of mail…So he called and said, “I would like some more sweaters, can you do that?” And I said, “Sure!

Still today, Akker sits in front of his sewing machine every day designing artistic apparel for his elder customers. He and Bill Cosby speak every once in a while, mainly when they bump into each other.


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