Meet Lindsay Lohan’s New Boyfriend!


Through all of her current pain and suffering of being a misunderstood Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan can at least lay her head on one man’s shoulder; her new boyfriends’.

Avi Snow, a New Promoter and lead singer of a band sounds promising is Lohan’s main squeeze. The couple were spotted packing on the PDA at Santa Monica night club, 41 Ocean, before Snow performed in front of a mixed crowd.

See photos inside.

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The disheveled red head sat a table with Snow’s friend, which included a Rosie O’Donnell lookalike, and drank San Pellegrino, while watching her man sing and play guitar.

Lindsay is set to enter a 90-day rehabilitation program in one month.

Although she was comfortable making out with Snow in front of packed bar, once Lohan exited the club she went on a rampage, hopping in the backseat and laying in a planking position, while trying to avoid photographers.

Hopefully her boyfriend can talk some sense into her and transform her back into the Lindsay Lohan that gets acting jobs.

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