Mariah Carey Celebrates her Independence in Red Bikini


While Nick Cannon was fully dressed, hosting the Macy’s fireworks show, Mariah Carey, pranced around her Los Angeles mansion in a red bikini while celebrating her independence.

The 43 year-old, mother of two children continues to act like she’s 23 years-old, revealing her body in skimpy bathing suits with hopes that her fans will stay interested.

More photos inside.



Doesn’t Mariah Carey know that she can have adult fans also. And we’re always fully dressed!

Carey posted sexy photographs of red, white and blue bikinis that laid on her closet floor- as she held a glass of wine and smiled for the camera.

The ex-American Idol judge even shared an Instagram photo of her sliding a patriotic garter onto her thigh.

Make her stop!

Tattlers, Carey’s actions do not scream married-mother of two, but single and horny singer trying to be relevant.


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