‘Man of War’ Watch the Music Video to Radiohead’s Unreleased Track

Man of War

Man of War, is the unreleased track by Radiohead. Well, after 20 years, they’ve decided to release it. And, there’s a video for it. Watch inside…

 Man of War is featured on Radiohead’s new OKNOTOK 1997 – 2017 album which celebrates the 20 year anniversary since their release of OK Computer. Dazed magazine reports that the track has also been called Big Boots. How do I not know this?

Their new album features 12 original tracks, eight B-sides, and three previously unreleased songs which were released around 1995. I can’t wait to hear what Thom Yorke was thinking in the 90s, now that I’m able to understand more today. Hope that makes sense.

Man of War

Man of War is directed by Colin Read. The music video can be described as a man at war with himself, in the sense that he can’t escape his own thoughts; they just keep getting bigger and bigger. Like the crowd in this video. Or, it can be about a man at war with the world. Be it that he’s running from everyone until he just gives up and gives in. I remember Thom Yorke saying in Rolling Stone magazine that he wrote OK Computer while on a tour bus and constantly felt claustraphobic.

Gosh, I love this band! The question is: do you like this song?

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