Magnetic False Lashes Are Having A Moment RN

Magnetic false lashes

Magnetic false lashes, yep, that’s having a moment right now. In the world of beauty, you just never know what they’ll think of next. But, I absolutely suck at gluing lashes on, so maybe this will be my new must-have. Details inside!

Magnetic false lashes are created by a company called One Two Lash. They’ve designed reusable lashes that sandwich your lashes “between two ultra-lightweight fiber strips to create a bold, dramatic lash line in seconds.”

I am here for this. Like I said, the older I get, gluing lashes on becomes more and more annoying. One Two Lash seems like you get the glam without having to put in the work.

But, you will pay a pretty penny to achieve this look. These magnetic false lashes retail for $69. Remember, they are reusable. With summer comes festivals, weddings and outdoor fun, so hefty price tag and all, they may be worth adding to cart.

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