Machine Gun Kelly’s “Trap Paris” Video is Everything!

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly premiered the music video for his song Trap Paris. It’s the third video off his new album Bloom; and actually one of my favorite records so I’m pretty excited about it. Let’s watch it inside, shall we…

Trap Paris takes on a Coming to America theme as we see Machine Gun Kelly wake up with a couple of video girls. They cater to him, brushing his teeth and shaving his face. I guess. Anyway, I was surprised to see Ty Dolla Sign featured because I had no idea he lent his voice to the track. The video also features Quavo from the rapp trio, Migos, and is directed by Ben Griffin.

As you can see, the video is pretty much of Machine Gun Kelly being catered by video girls, standing in the foyer of a mansion with Ty Dolla Sign and Quavo and a few close-up scenes which I’m personally a fan of. Trap Paris is one of my favorite songs off the Bloom album.

Machien Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is going on tour with Linkin Park BUT I did not see his name for their Los Angeles date so I’m hoping he’ll play a smaller venue by himself, like the first time I saw him.

Tattlers, are you feeling this song and video?

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