Machine Gun Kelly Joins Illuminati Cult With Beyonce?!

Machine Gun Kelly


Bad Boy label based rapper, Machine Gun Kelly is currently performing to a sold out-city wide tour; but did his success come with a price?

Like a lot of celebrities, Kelly may have sold his soul to the baphomet, a demon that is worshipped by some of your favorite stars (such as Beyoncé) in order to gain worldly admiration and success.

Monday evening, MGK posted this photo on his official Instagram. Although he’s holding a cigarette and marijuana in his mouth, it’s his silver ring of the baphomet that had fans commenting until the late evening.

Read their comments and see a photo of Beyoncé wearing the same ring inside.


Machine Gun Kelly

“Is it that demonic ring they were talking about Beyoncé wearing?” asked Ron Kushington.

“That devil ring. SMH. I’m not following you no more,” said an MGK fan named Estuyayen.

Machine Gun Kelly

I have not seen any supermodels walking the runway sporting any baphomet inspired attire during any 2013 fashion week. Tattlers, are MGK and Beyoncé a part of the illuminati?


14 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly Joins Illuminati Cult With Beyonce?!

  1. I don’t believe he’s illuminati. He’s too smart for that.I think he got the ring because he’s a Aries/Taurus cusp and it’s true to his personality because he’s clearly a very angry/reactive person.He stays in trouble.

      1. He’s been wearing that ring, and in his started from the bottom remix he says “Now they say illuminati is the cause
        Or maybe everyone of y’all is lazy and I worked hard”

  2. FAKE , hes been wearing that ring for years now, dont assume every person is in the illuminati because of a basic ring . go listen to his started from the bottom remix he clearly says hes not in it.

  3. I listened to a lot of MGK and in a lot of his songs he bad mouths the illuminate and in started from the bottom is a good example…… I’m sick of all hip hop people joining the illuminate

  4. The Illuminati, in trying to keep, even , their lesser secrets, which are about polarities, have really messed up definitions of “positive” and “negative”. THEY have messed them up so badly that electrons, “posited” solids, are called “negative”, leaving “negated” holes to be called “positive”. Calling “positive” good, and “negative” bad, is part of their classic attempt to block the primal process of the universe, the cancellation of opposite polarities, and it exposes THEM to actually be closet gays. Let’s dissolve their anti-natural system by spreading their supreme grand secret, which has been suppressed knowledge about our own bodies, which we all have a natural right to know. THEIR supreme grand secret, put in medical terms, is “Vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD”. This has been the most suppressed secret in history.

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