Mac Miller Reaches 4 Million Twitter Followers Unveils Release Date of Earl Sweatshirt's Record "Doris"

doris1 Mac Miller, a rapper who achieve much of his success thanks to social media, had his fans to thank on Saturday morning, for reaching 4 million followers on Twitter. As an exchange for his achievement he released some music information that many fans of Earl Sweatshirt's have been waiting for...the release date for his record "Doris." "Doris" features collaborations from Frank Ocean, RZA, Domo Genesis, Tyler the Creator and of course Mac Miller. Get the date inside! Tattlers, expect "Doris" to hit shelves on August 20th. I've included the track list below. What song are you most excited to hear? Doris: 01 Pre [ft. SK La' Flare] 02 Burgundy [ft. Vince Staples] 03 20 Wave Caps [ft. Domo Genesis] 04 Sunday [ft. Frank Ocean] 05 Hive [ft. Vince Staples and Casey Veggies] 06 Chum 07 Sasquatch [ft. Tyler, The Creator] 08 Centurion [ft. Vince Staples] 09 523 10 Uncle Al 11 Guild [ft. Mac Miller] 12 Molasses [ft. RZA] 13 Whoa [ft. Tyler, The Creator] 14 Hoarse 15 Knight [ft. Domo Genesis]

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