Mac Miller Premieres Confusing “Cinderella” Music Video

Mac Miller

Mac Miller premiered the music video for his single Cinderella. It’s my personal favorite off of his album The Divine Feminine, which is why I’m a little disappointed at how confused it left me. Watch the video inside…

Cinderella is directed by Bo Mirosseni. It last a surprising 12 minutes, so it gives you a movie feel with it’s opening and closing credits.

Although it’s the outside-of-the-box lyrics that makes this my favorite track, I think its my least favorite video by Mac Miller. It features the rapper walking into a warehouse that has a club, mixed Black girl putting on angel wings and a room full of people wearing 3D glasses. They all eventually come together but I’m not sure why.

“I took a step in a different direction and made something that was very special to me.” Miller tweeted in the middle of Tuesday night before premiering the video. Now, I don’t know if he was talking about taking his album in a different direction or this video, but honestly they both were.

Maybe I need to pull a Donnie Darko and watch it over and over to keep seeing new meanings. What I do know is that Mac Miller’s lyrics are fire. Three of my favorites are:

Write you letters
It’s only right that right after love I write my name

Under the weather
Feel much better when that weather isn’t rain

We started on the bed and then we moved onto the floor
You started getting crazy, told me fuck you like a whore
I thought you was an angel now you yellin’ to the Lord

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