Loretta Devine Back At Again In ‘Grandma’s House’-INTERVIEW

Loretta Devine

Loretta Devine is a legendary actress. So you can only imagine the excitement I felt when I learned I was going to interview her. Devine stars in the upcoming movie Grandma’s House. Based on a true story about executive producer Kimberly Zulkowski’s grandmother Margie Ree Harris, who opens her home to Zulkowski after getting tossed from one foster home to the next. The Waiting to Exhale star plays Harris’s character. A role that exudes passion, faith and love unlike her last role as the conniving Cece on Being Mary Jane.

Check out my interview with Loretta as she talks the attraction and struggles she found playing her character and any news on that Waiting to Exhale sequel we’ve all been waiting for.

Loretta Devine

On her attraction to the role:

The attraction to this role was the powerfulness of the character. She was an inspiration to read about and Kimberly’s Love for her was so great. She shared photos of Margie and spoke of all the things Margie had done for her, her family and others. I felt honored she wanted me for the job. I was so excited after the first table read, once I had met everyone, we all had great chemistry together and we’re ready to jump in.

On the struggles she had relating to her character: 

The Margie character was a great challenge And I looked forward to every work day. It was my first time working with the director, Paul Hannah and I didn’t know what to expect but it all flowed so well. We all worked hard and gave our all. I loved Coco Jones energy and work ethic, she was a perfect Kimberly. The entire cast was exceptional.

On what she took from portraying Margie Ree Harris: 

Portraying Margie was a great opportunity to look into the life of another family and realize how similar we all are when we love our family. Margie opened her home, gave of her time and taught everyone how to live better lives by example. If these qualities came across in my work then I did a great job. Grandma’s House brought many viewers to tears and everyone said it made them think of their grandmothers.
Loretta and writer/executive producer Kimberly Zulkowski
Loretta and writer/executive producer Kimberly Zulkowski

On her experience on set: 

I looked forward to the emotional scenes on set. Everyone put their all into every scene and Kimberly’s script kept the action coming and  tears flowing.

On the role she has yet to play: 

The character I have yet to play is on the way. It will be my next job. Until then you can catch me on The Carmicheal Show on NBC at 9:00p.m on Sunday nights.

On an update about that Waiting to Exhale sequel: 

I have no information on Waiting to Exhale, sorry.
-Sorry guys, Loretta has no update on a Waiting to Exhale sequel, but you still watch her in Grandma’s House when it hits theaters April 29th.


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