Lisa Frank Pajamas, Yup, They’re At Target!

Depending on the age of your boo (if you have one) they'll not only know who you're wearing but will think it's cool.

Lisa Frank pajamas are here! Oddly, I never thought I’d write that but I’m super excited I have the chance to. Like most millenials, I grew up feeling too cool for school when I walked into class with my Lisa Frank folder and pencils. Lisa Frank pajamas? Oh yeah, I’m about to relive my childhood but in a much cooler way. Cheeck out the Target collection inside.

Lisa Frank pajamas

One thing I adore about these Lisa Frank pajamas is how inexpensive they are! For instance, this Sleep Shirt with the cuddly tiger on the front is just $5.90! Yes, girls. And before you think you’re too old to be rocking these PJS, just think about pairing them with some cute lace undies underneath.

Depending on the age of your boo (if you have one) they’ll not only know who you’re wearing but will think it’s cool.

Lisa Frank pajamas

Lisa Frank pajamas

Aside from the affordable sleep shirt, nothing from the 10-piece collection retails over $19.99. And, sizes available range from XS to 2X, which I love because it allows for more ladies to shop. Speaking of, Refinery 29 reports that this capsule is close to selling out, so I advise you to add to cart soon!

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