Lindsay Lohan Makes First Public Appearance on Chelsea Lately!


Lindsay Lohan is ready to conquer Hollywood, once again!

After being released from her 90-day stint at a Malibu rehabilitation center two days ago, Lindsay Lohan made her first public appearance on an upcoming episode of the E! hit show Chelsea Lately.

The 27 year-old was the star of the opening monologue, joking that she just returned from a “90-day court ordered vacation.”

Judge Orders New Task for Lindsay!


Lohan sat alongside comedians Jen Kirkman and Fortune Feimster. She stole the show, making jokes about Chelsea’s drinking problem while keeping it together as the comedians ragged on her.

E! employees reported that Lindsay showed up on time and was able to record the opening monologue in one take.

While Lindsay Lohan makes her entrance back into Hollywood, founder of the Cliffside Malibu Rehab center, where Lindsay received help, highly recommends that she attends court ordered therapy sessions.

“Our entire clinical team is in unanimous agreement that if these sessions are not required by the court and attendance verified once a month to ensure accountability, it is a set up for almost certain failure,” said founder Richard Taite.

This morning a judge ordered Lindsay to attend three 50-minute therapy sessions per week for 16 months. She has agree to attend the sessions. It is obvious that Lindsay Lohan is ready to get healthy and work on becoming a successful actress again.

Photo Credit: E!

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