Lenny Kravitz Is Dating A 30 Year-Old Supermodel

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz has joined the rest of the Older Men’s Club, that’s currently dating a much-younger woman. Younger than myself, which is 34, for another eight days…

Lenny Kravitz

Paparazzi spotted Lenny Kravitz holding hands and going in for a kiss with Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Fialho. Although, they look cute together, there is a 23 year age difference. Kravitz is 53 and Fialho is 30.

With that being said, are women so mature than men, that such a large difference in age doesn’t damper the relationship?

Lenny Kravitz

What is she doing at 30, that he’s still doing at 53? Maybe she’s an old soul? Maybe this is just a fling? Lenny Kravitz hasn’t been in a serious relationship since he was engaged to Nicole Kidman over a decade ago. And what he said recently in Mr. Porter magazine, doesn’t give me the idea that he’s even looking to settle down.

I’ve been like really, really single for the last few months. I’m keeping it that way.

Whatever, I’m sure any woman that dates a rock star knows what she’s getting into. And you never know, the same could be said for dating a supermodel.

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