Lena Dunham + Jack Antonoff Break Up

Lena Dunham + Jack Antonoff

Lena Dunham + Jack Antonoff have broken up after dating for five years. I can be really petty in this blog post, because Lena has been showing her true, racist colors so much lately that I’ve unfollowed her on every social handle. Matter fact, I’m probably writing about this because it sucks for Lena. I’m so bad.

Lena Dunham + Jack Antonoff

E! Online reports the twosome “were growing apart and it just made sense for them to end their relationship where it was.” Now, who said that, I have no idea. Because, along with not paying their female employees enough, E! doesn’t cite their sources either.

I had a feeling Lena Dunham + Jack Antonoff weren’t going to last. And that’s not me being shady. They were not only dating, but they lived together. Whenever someone asked them about marriage, they’d say they’d tie the knot when gay people can. Okay, well that law passed and you’re still shacking up. I’m not sure if my mom has said this, but I’m sure she’d say ‘piss, or get off the pot.’

I’m not waiting for no law to pass to marry my man. When you say things like that, that’s when you know you’re giving too much in a relationship. It’s like you’re already married. Bills are being split, you wake up to each other everyday IE there is no spark left.

Let’s not forget, it was the great Steve Harvey, who once said:

Lena Dunham + Jack Antonoff

I rest my case.

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