Lamar Odom's Mistress Reveals Juicy Details of Infidelity with In Touch Magazine


Known for having a camera record her life for 20 hours each day, it’s very surprising how Khloe Kardashian Odom was able to keep her husband, Lamar Odom’s infidelities such a secret.

Too bad the women he cheated with are coming out and spilling the beans.

Case in point, Lamar Odom’s first mistress, Jennifer Richardson, 29, chose to reveal information about her rendezvous with Lamar to In Touch Magazine.

Inside of the issue, which hits newsstands on Friday, Richardson unveiled that the Kardashian Klan had her followed “for weeks” by private investigators; which left her feeling “very intimated and scared.”

More of the story inside.


If you’re a fan of the E! reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, then you know that they do have a private family investigator on retainer.

Jennifer and Lamar’s sexual affair ended in March, but not until they experience a few pregnancy scares.

“We talked about how much he wanted me to have his baby. Lamar is baby crazy-that’s all he talks about. That was probably 70 percent of our conversations. He’s an emotional, affectionate, freaky lover. The chemistry was deep and intense.”

Although Jennifer Richardson had sex with Khloe Kardashian’s husband, she never meant to hurt her saying, “My intentions are not and have never been malicious or to hard what you and Lamar share, and your fans and so many young women admire and look to you for strength. They deserve to know you’re marriage is not perfect.”

Hmmm, I’m not quite sure that it’s anyone’s business if Khloe and Lamar have a perfect marriage. Although fans can tune in every Sunday to watch a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the show is definitely scripted and that family only reveals what they want you to know.

Ever since Lamar’s second mistress, lawyer Polina Polonsky came out and revealed her sexual relationship with Lamar, Khloe has stayed under wraps-posting photographs on Instagram while vacationing in Las Vegas.

No matter what drama the Kardashian family is met with, you ought to know that Kris Jenner is going to do her best to sugarcoat the situation, telling TMZ on Wednesday, “Khloe and Lamar are absolutely not getting divorced. There’s been no talk of divorce.”

In fact, Khloe and Lamar were at Kris’s home two days and everything was fine.

Of course they were!

Photo Credit: In Touch Magazine

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