Lamar Odom Fired from Los Angeles Clippers


It should have happened one season ago and it finally has, Lamar Odom has been fired from the Los Angeles Clippers.

Surprisingly, it was his depressingly low scoring that lead to his resignation but the fact that news has broken out everywhere about Lamar’s Odom cocaine and oxytocin abuse problem.

Well, that and him cheating on his wife Khloe Kardashian-Odom with two women. But if any basketball player is going to get fired for cheating on their wife, then we wouldn’t have many players.

TMZ states that Lamar Odom is currently a free agent until another team decides to sign him for the upcoming season.

Earlier in the summer season, the Los Angeles Clippers had plans to re-sign Lamar for another season but apparently he was very hard to reach. Now that news has broke out about his unfortunate drug abuse, they have changed their minds about having him on the team.

On Monday afternoon, Khloe was spotted covering herself in a black hoodie, but still donning her wedding ring.

Hopefully the married couple can work out their troubles and successfully move on.

Praying for Lamar.

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