Lady Gaga + Starbucks Unite for Cups of Kindness Drinks

Lady Gaga + Starbucks

Lady Gaga + Starbucks have teamed up to create Cups of Kindness. From now until June 19th, you can purchase four new summer drinks. 25 cents from your purchase will go to Gaga’s Born this Way foundation. Peep the beverages inside.

Lady Gaga + Starbucks

Hopefully, these Cups of Kindness drinks aren’t as fattening as that unicorn frappucino, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Lady Gaga + Starbucks kept the names simple yet summery with, Va-Va-Violet, an ombre beverage called Ombre All Day, A matcha lemonade called Matcha Me and and a pink drink titled Drink Pink.

Lady Gaga + Starbucks

Va-Va Violet adds to Starbuck’s list of refreshers, with a punch of tart berries! Ombre All Day has coconut milk and iced tea. No thanks. Macha Me has matcha green tea ( of course) and lemonade. Lastly, the Pink Drink is the strawberry refresher kicked up with coconut milk and passion fruit.

Luckly, the Starbucks refresher drinks are low in calories but high in sugar and carbs. In other words, drink at your own risk. At least, 25 cents of your drink will do some good. In case you’re like me and thought 25 cents isn’t going to do much, Starbucks will donate a minimum of $250,000 to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way foundation. Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

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