Kim Zolciak Quitting the Housewives of Atlanta?

Co-star of successful reality show, Kim Zolciak, has received a bit of slack for her boring storyline on the current season of the Housewives of Atlanta.

 Thanks to her giving birth and meeting a man that she can actually show on television, Kim chose to not include herself in the usual housewife drama, “I used to cover my eyes sometimes. I’d be like ‘oh God.’ And now…this season, it’s been incredible…I wasn’t involved in the drama.”

Zolciak recently married her baby daddy, Kroy Biermann. So will the blonde diva be leaving the drama packed reality show? Not just yet, but she did get her own spinoff show called “Don’t be Tardy for the Wedding,” which will premiere on Bravo, “I am grateful to have all this captured on camera.”

Would you watch the Atlanta Housewives if Kim left?

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0 thoughts on “Kim Zolciak Quitting the Housewives of Atlanta?

  1. In the first 2 seasons i luv watchin kim on the show,her and ne ne made the show with there funny arguments.Now i can’t stand watching her and kroys predjudice behinds.Some of the comments they both make sometimes makes me wanna slap them and kims oldest daughter is a hot ass and it makes me sick how she is so disrespectful and they think its cute,and her youngest act like she got add,sliding down stair rails in her house.Kim should go if all she gonna talk about is kroys korney a** he makes 550,000 a year she probably lmade more than that sleeping with big poppa.Anyway kim lneed to stop acting like she never had a man and kids before and make her money.She need to focus on if kroy a** get drafted and she gotta relocate out that dream home.She need to understand that housewife drama keeps her relivant because without it nobody would pay her any mind…..spin off show ooh please.with ne ne kim aint s**t.I hate that comment she made aat her babyshower when kroy and apollo was arguing.

  2. She said were not in the hood when apollo and peter were arguing at babyshower why it had to be the hood cause they were black.first her and big poppa call sweety predjudice names now those comments she didnt start feeling that open to say so many racial slures until kroy got on the show they both suck.and his football record over the last 4 years donnt he know everything is publicised on the internet..yeah she could go.only thing i like about her is her style with her fashion,everthing else she can kick rocks.

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