Kim Kardashian Feels Pressured To Be A Fashionable Mommy??


Baby bump and all, Kim Kardashian will not keep the leather and high heels safely away in her closet until baby comes out to play.

Does she feel pressured to be a stylish diva even while craving celery with ranch?

The mommy-to-be was in New York on Tuesday to promote her role in Tyler Perry’s new movie, Temptation.

Judging by her constant, uncomfortable yet fashionable wardrobe, I’m starting to worry that Kim may feel pressure from the media or even Kanye, to dress like she’s going to a Hollywood nightclub. Her first outfit included a brown leather dress, strappy high heels and the popular tummy tucker gadget known as Spanx. Now I’m no mommy, but leather, Spanx and a baby bump just don’t seem to mix well.

View her surprising outfits inside.


After her shopping excursion, Kim headed to ABC studios wearing a belted pink miniskirt and high heels, which were painful for her to walk in hence the hidden tissue pouring out everywhere.


Lastly, Kim Kardashian made her third and final wardrobe change for her appearance on Good Morning America. Kanye’s baby mama recently told critics that she does not weigh 200lbs, but sporting this time fitting lace top and skirt made Kim’s pregnant belly stick out and her boobs weigh down on it.

With a little over three months left of her pregnancy, hopefully Kim will leave the leather and high heels in her closet, officially.

Tattlers, do you think Kim feels pressured to look good at all times?

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