Kim Kardashian Back In The Spotlight! Makes 1st Appearance On Kris Jenner Talk Show!!


Looking extremely haggard, Kim Kardashian finally came out of hiding to make her first public appearance on her mother’s daytime talk show.

Donning dark tresses and a face that seems to be healing from botox injections, Kim Kardashian made a pre-recorded video wishing her mother luck on her show.

“Hi mom, I just wanted to say congratulations on your new show. I am sorry I could not be there, but I am loving life at home right now.”

See Kim inside!


Evidently, there are a lot of non-Kardashian fans that have been enjoying Kim’s non-existence from the spotlight these last seven weeks.

Or is that just me?

Sean “Diddy” Combs did make an actual appearance on Friday’s episode of the Kris Jenner Show. The Fox daytime talk show is on a 6-week run but according to the vast amount of negative ratings, the show has not yet been picked up officially.

Tattlers, do you watch Kris?

Photo Credit: Fox and Kim Kardashian Instagram

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