Kim Fields: You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea [Interview]

Kim Fields

Kim Fields is an icon. We know this. Kim Fields is an actress, director and former star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We know this too. But, did you know that Kim Fields is also an author? In fact, she recently released a book titled Blessed Life: My Surprising Journey of Joy, Tears and Tales from Harlem to Hollywood. I chatted with the living legend about her story, what people don’t know and that wonderful Lifetime Christmas film she starred in. Interview inside!

 Kim Fields

HTT: 40 years in the public eye. How did you stay sane not fall into the craziness like some child stars we know?

Kim: I think I didn’t want to be a statistic. I didn’t want to be a has been or tragic story. I followed the path of people who perservered and held onto faith.

HTT: Your press release reads “People have really never known her the way they think they have.” Can you elaborate on that?

Kim: I’ve played a lot of characters. Sometimes people can blur the line and think that’s me instead of the character. They think they know you.

HTT: What is one specific thing that inspired you to write your life story?

Kim: It was a combination of events and four decades. You don’t stop living but you take time to reflect the highs and lows.

Kim Fields
How I will always remember Kim Fields; as Regine.

HTT: Can you share one of your ‘a-ha’ moments?

Kim: Stop trying to drive. Get back in the passenger seat because I’m not running anything; faith is.

HTT: How awesome does it feel to “know yourself”? And how important is it that everyone gets to know themselves?

Kim: It’s important to know who you are. To have a sense of self discovery, because you are important and want to have a sense of evolving.

HTT: What can you tell fans about your role in the Lifetime holiday film, “Wrapped in Christmas”?

Kim: I play Tatiyana Ali’s older sister, Courtney Widmore. She wants the best for her sister, especially when it comes to her finding love.

HTT: All of your co-stars are TV legends. How as it working on set?

Kim: We don’t see ourselves as legends. We’re thankful to work. It was surreal. We had a lot of fun and were happy to be there.

Kim Fields

HTT: Why should fans tune in to watch “Wrapped Up In Christmas”?

Kim: I think everyone loves holiday romance films and want to be cozy for the holidays. [Plus this film] has more diversity than most holiday movies.

HTT: Advice for artists who wear many hats.

Kim: Find what works for you. Learn your craft and every facet about it. Learn everything you can and understand what part of success resonates with you and why.

You can watch Kim Fields in “Wrapped Up In Christmas” this Sunday on Lifetime.

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