Justine Dorsey: A Girl with a Guitar

Folk  and pop music combined. Justine Dorsey’s voice is unlike any other. Her EP, Under Construction, is just the opposite. It is a musical masterpiece that you’ll want to add to your listening library. I had the pleasure of interviewing the 18-year-old songstress about finding her talent, who inspires her and what she loves to do in my city, downtown Los Angeles.


When did you know that you wanted to be a singer at age 5?

I was so young. However, I knew I was really shy. I was sitting at the dinner table and started singing and everyone was surprised.

Who are your favorite singers?

My favorite is Joni Mitchell. I love her range and sound. Like a bell. I love Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. Win Butler from Arcade Fire. He has a simplistic approach. A powerful voice, that carries so much emotion.


What is your favorite song to sing and what inspired those lyrics?

Different songs appeal to me at different times. I love playing “What’s it to Me” on guitar. I let loose. That song was inspired by a friendship falling apart. I didn’t want a falling out, I’m just going to move away.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Justin Young of The Vaccines.

Besides singing, do you wish to expand into other creative outlets? 

I would love to write outside of songwriting. Books, poetry, praise. It’s a natural progression. And I want to keep acting.

How do you make sure that you stand out from artists that are similar to you?

The way to go about it is to not think about what other artists are doing. My vision will come across.

I read that you love visiting downtown Los Angeles. Where are your favorite places to go?

I love the garden upstairs at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The Arts District and Ace Hotel.

What are 3 words that describe “Under Construction”?

Essence of me. Every song represents a different part of me. My EP is a representation of my thoughts and feelings. If you have negative feelings or thoughts, you can create something around those feelings, and something positive can come out. I can feel it physically when I sing exactly how I feel. It’s an exact reflection of who I am.

See Justine Dorsey live when she performs at Boardner’s in Los Angeles on March 27th.

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