Justin Timberlake Is Gone Four Years And Only Puts 10 Songs On His New Album!!


Is Justin Timberlake’s mind still in acting?

I’m getting the idea that it is after finding out that his upcoming album, 20/20 Experience only has 10 songs on it.

Justin revealed the cover of his CD, which hits stores on March 19th. He’s been away from the music industry for four years and he only puts 10 songs on his album.


Not sure if Justin knows this or not, but it was his music that put him on the map.

View the short track list after the jump.

Here’s the full  track listing for The 20/20 Experience:

“Pusher Love Girl”

“Suit & Tie”

“Don’t Hold The Wall”

“Strawberry Bubblegum”

“Tunnel Vision”

“Spaceship Coupe”

“That  Girl”

“Let The Groove Get In”


“Blue Ocean Floor”

Watch his first musical performance of four years on Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

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