Just Ripe: Rapper Yung D [Interview]

Jay-Z and Kanye West said, “don’t let me get in my zone,” but rapper Yung D is saying the opposite in his first single debut, “In the Zone.”

He’s an artist from Connecticut that you need to know about. And don’t take the word artist vaguely, Yung D, or Demar, is a writer, engineer, producer and he runs Connecticut People Records.

It’s his time to shine with the debut of his single “In the Zone,” which was inspired by ESPN. Hollywood Tattle Tale has the exclusive 411 about who Yung D is, his favorite rapper and why he is Just Ripe.

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Who is Yung D?

I’m a versatile artist, focused on sharing my story and stories a lot of people seem to have in relation with each other. I’m trying to take my music to new heights besides the underground level. I represent Connecticut. CPR: Connecticut People Records.

When did you start rhyming?

I started rhyming when I was 14. I am also an engineer; producer and I run the company CPR.

What makes you different from current artists?

Well, one thing is that I’m from Connecticut. Not too many artists are located out there with a real buzz besides Chris Webby (shout out to Webby). I think keeping it real, as cliché as they may sound, distinguishes me from other artists. I don’t lie about what I care about, what I represent or what my story or interests are. I join social sites just to interact with potential supporters of good music. I can’t say I do everything myself but at the same time, I really do everything myself. If you don’t show others you’re worth that risk or investment, who will want to support or put money in your pocket?

Who is your inspiration?

My favorite MC is Nas. My mother is the best lady this world has to offer me. My crew is my family and my family keeps my dream alive. Like my nephew says, Family Over Everything (F.O.E.)

Who motivated you to write In the Zone?

The beat inspired me to write the song. It has this ESPN sort of loop in the background, so I drifted in that direction when I started writing. Funny thing about all of this is that I don’t even watch ESPN. I hope this single does well and I hope everybody who comes across the link will take the chance to download the songs. It’s my first single. (Smiles)

And…that dope music video of you on Youtube?

You can say my label is one large network of friends willing to collaborate at any given moment. The other artist you saw in the “Last Night Alive” video was L.B. We killed that joint!

Listen  and purchase Yung D’s hit song “In the Zone.”

Yung D | In the Zone | CD Baby.

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