Joshua Triplett: A Singer, Actor, Model + Producer You Oughta Know [Interview]

Joshua Triplett

Joshua Triplett, the singer, actor, model, producer, director, magician may be the hardest working man in Hollywood. I sat down to discuss his many projects, family life, and what motivates him to wear so many hats. Intervew inside!

Joshua Triplett

HTT: I called you a ‘Renaissance Man’ on twitter recently because… I mean, you pretty much do everything. What motivates you to wear so many hats?

Joshua: I am an entertainer. I like people, and I like making people laugh.

HTT: So, tell me a little about your music.You just released the EP titled In Development. It sounds very different compared to your earlier music. Tell me about it and this new sound.

Joshua: This EP is different and the title speaks for itself in that I am under development. I am trying to find my sound. I am still in that phase, and now I am working on a new concept album. In it I will be talking about a lot of personal things like being a dad, losing my dad. I want people to learn something about me in this next album. Its personal.


Joshua Triplett

HTT: So you just released an album, working on finding your new sound, and working on another musical project? How do you balance it all?

Joshua: That’s a good question. It’s not easy. It takes my wife being understanding and me being understanding that we all need time together and personally. My personal time is spent working out but I balance the together time with getting them involved. I like to bring my wife and daughter on set with me. In fact, about 6 or 7 of the national commercials that I am in right now are with my daughter and/or my wife, even though she is not an actor.

HTT: When you were younger did you always know you wanted to be an entertainer?

Joshua: Well, yes, kind of. Music was first though. When I was in the second grade I was the lead singer in our choir. I was the youngest one. I remember watching The Jacksons: An American Dream and wanting to be Michael. He could act, and dance, and sing and I wanted to do that. I always liked acting. After singing I moved on to plays. I saw my first Broadway play in High School and saw that I would get to singe and act and fell in love.


Joshua Triplett

HTT: Speaking of Michael and inspirations, who would you say influences you as an entertainer?

Joshua: I think it’s a collection of artist over time. The group Boys II Men is the reason why I sing. Their music takes me back to the 90s. I would also say Dru Hill, gospel music, Brian McKnight, Tank, and Jamie Fox influence me musically. Overall, I just like good music.

HTT: Okay let’s talk about your acting.

Joshua: For me, acting is what I do full time. I am always working on a project. I am in The Quad on BET, and Girl Boss (Netflix). I am also ‘The Commercial King’. I am currently in a bunch of national campaigns, and just became the spokesperson for The Flex Belt. I am always working on something.

HTT: So what’s next for you Mr. Renaissance man?

Joshua: I am writing and am producing an Instagram series called the Beef in Brentwood (@beefinbrentwood). We are in the second season. The show plays on the idea of social media. It’s a dark violent comedy. At the moment we are shopping the series to major networks and trying to get it picked up.

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