Joseph-Gordon Levitt talks HitRECord Variety Show in Entertainment Weekly


Joseph-Gordon Levitt may have reached stardom as a child, but luckily his career has exceeded past adulthood. Gracing the cover of Entertainment Weekly, the Hollywood actor discussed the success of his website hitRECord, and how it landed him his very own variety show. Starting the site seven years ago, hitRECord connects with talented people from all over the world, to make movies, books, songs and now a TV show.

Representing his brand, Levitt is always spotted wearing a red button that represents the record button on a device.

“That stands for my own philosophy about being creative, and pushing the button, and getting started.”

Besides working on a television program, which airs January 18th on the Pivot network, Joseph will star in the much-talked about film Don Jon.

The satirical movie stars a New Jersey tough guy that’s preoccupied with the fantasy of porn as his girlfriend, played by Scarlett Johansson, is obsessed with Hollywood rom-coms.

“I wanted to talk about how media influenced people’s expectations. Pornography is a huge, huge part of our media culture. Whether it’s rated X or approved by the FCC to sell Doritos, the message is the same,” Gordon-Levitt said.

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