Johnny Galecki Leaves “Big Bang Theory” To Film Roseanne Reboot

Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki is about to do something as cool as him being born, he’s reprising his role as David for the much-excited reboot of the comedy series, Roseanne. His first on-set photo, inside.

Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki aka David didn’t arrive to the Roseanne series until season four, I believe. He played the brother of Becky’s boyfriend Mark. Mark had given so much grief to Dan and Roseanne that when they realized he not only had a brother, but their other daughter Darlene liked him, they knew they were in for a tailspin of teenage love.

The Big Bang Theory star shared this photo of him on-set of the show and his first script. “Apart from being born, possibly the most surreal experience of my life. Deep thanks to my Big Bang Theory family for knowing the importance of visiting one’s roots and loaning me out for a quick minute.” he wrote.

Johnny Galecki

Yeah, I’m sure he wouldn’t trade that $1 millon per episode check for anything. I’ve never watched BBT, so I know Johnny Galecki from his work on Roseanne. Looking back, it’s funny that Darlene even had a boyfriend since she’s gay in real life. Maybe America wasn’t ready for a homosexual daughter in the ’80s. Come to think of it, Roseanne’s sister, Jackie, is also a lesbian and they stayed casting men for her to date.

I wonder if Darlene and/or Jackie will reveal they’re gay in the Roseanne revival. It’s only right. Although the show lasted for nine seasons, I stopped watching during season five. I don’t know, once they replaced Becky, I was out. Unfortunately, that means I have no idea what to expect from the reboot but I am totally going to watch it.

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