Jennifer Lopez Sued for the Craziest Reason!

Jennifer Lopez Sued

Jennifer Lopez sued, yup, and you’ll never guess for what. Okay, I’ll tell you! The 47-year-old is getting sued because she didn’t tweet and/or Instagram about hoverboards. Details inside.

Jennifer Lopez Sued

Variety claims that Sidekick Wheels gifted Jennifer Lopez with 42 custom hoverboards for her and her staff to use at Las Vegas’s Planet Hollywood Hotel, where she performs her residency. Of course they were given to her on one condition, that she promotes them on social media at least once every three months.

“The #AllIHave dancers killing it on their @SideKickWheels,” J.Lo tweeted in January of 2016…and that’s it. From what I’ve collected after doing research, Jennifer Lopez has never even ridden a hoverboard. Her dancers have. Heck, even her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart was spotted riding one while she walked.

Jennifer Lopez Sued

Maybe she felt since the trend was over at that point, she was done promoting it. But, if they gave her a check, services need to be completed.

At the time, hoverboards retailed for $1,295. Jennifer Lopez is getting sued for 54,390, which is the cost of the 42 gifted hoverboards. I’m sure that’s chump change to her but seems like she’s gonna have to cough it up since her tasks weren’t fulfilled.

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