Jennifer Lopez Reached $17.5M Deal to Return to American Idol



How does a singer whose never won a Grammy, let alone an MTV music award, get to earn $17.5 million to sit down and judge singers that sound better than she?

Apparently if you’re Jennifer Lopez, no explanation is needed because she has done just that.

MailOnline confirms that JLo will earn $17.5 million to return on the next season of American Idol.

After filming her second season of AI, Lopez asked producers for a $2 million raise, which would give her a $15 million paycheck; but they refused.

Yet, for some reason they have agreed to give Jennifer even more money than she firs requested. She will join Keith Urban as a judge, while producers vie to find other talent to fill Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj’s chairs.

When the contestants sing better than the judges, maybe it’s just time for the show to be canned.

Tattlers, what do you think of Jennifer’s phat paycheck?

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lopez Instagram

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