Jaden Smith + Odessa Adlon Walk First Red Carpet As A Couple

Jaden Smith + Odessa Adlon

Jaden Smith + Odessa Adlon have been dating for a quite a few months, so its a bit surprising that the only places I’ve seen them together include a Calabassas ice cream shop and roaming the streets of Calabassas…until now.

Jaden Smith + Odessa Adlon

The 19 year-old brought his girlfriend as his date to the season two red carpet premiere of the FX show Better Things on Wednesday. Jaden Smith + Odessa Adlon put their admiration on display, as paparazzi snapped photos of them hugging and whispering sweet nothings into their ears. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that deep but they’re totally cute together.

Jaden Smith + Odessa Adlon began dating after the rapper ended his two year relationship with socialite Sarah Snyder.

Jaden Smith + Odessa Adlon

Looking at both of these gorgeous young women, I can’t help but wonder if Jaden has ever dated a Black girl. I can’t help it! He is Black, geez! We all know his entire existence is about living outside the box, so I do wonder which young lady of African American descent would be good for him. Maybe someone like Angel Haze, despite her being gay.

Enough of that, I’m trying to figure out who is good for Jaden when I need to do the same for my doggone self.

Best of luck to these two.

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