Jack Noseworthy Conquers Broadway, TV & The Internet!

Whether you desire to be a famous author, lawyer, professor or plumber everyone has a dream. But before you give up after receiving another no or rejection letter, meet a man that chose not to create a Plan B for his career. Actor Jack Noseworthy has become a household name in Hollywood and Broadway, starring in some of your favorite films such as Breakaway and Event Horizon and Broadways plays like Camelot and Two Point Oh.


I was given the fantastic opportunity to chat with a man that is down to earth, talented and plain ol’ nice. Check out my interview with actor Jack Noseworthy as he discusses his latest acting projects on the stage, small screen and even computer and gives important advice to aspiring actor.

Interview inside!

What can you reveal about your role in the upcoming web show In Plain View?

Well, I play a young Boston detective that uncovers questionable information which reveals corruption within the Boston police department. The script spoke to me. I’m from Boston originally, so the role was a really easy stitch for me. We just filmed the pilot. We haven’t confirmed an air date yet. We’re finding the right outlet.

Describe your character Eliot in the play Two Point Oh

I play an internet software giant that’s killed in a plane crash. My wife discovers a CD and plays it in a super computer, which brings me back to life through the software. My character is recreated postmortem. The computer begins to think on his own, causing consequences.

As an actor, do you prepare for a Broadway show differently than for a movie?

A lot more rehearsal is involved on Broadway; compared to the changes and rewrites that occur in a script. With Broadway, you work with a collective group of people and can discover the piece together, whereas you develop your scripted film character alone.

You started out on stage, which lead to film and now even the internet; which is your favorite and why?

I like to work with people that are excited about telling stories as much as I am. Whatever medium that is, I’m happy to be with them.


Killing Kennedy is receiving a lot of buzz. What can you reveal about your role as Bobby Kennedy?

I was most impressed with his ability to change. He grew up with a silver spoon and later empathized with people that were less fortunate. It revealed strength within his character.

You have had much success as an actor. Is there anyone you still haven’t worked with that you would like to?

Young directors that I don’t know yet, are exciting to what is new. Jessica Chastain is a special actor. She is beautiful and powerful. I would like to work with people that have respect for work.

What advice can you give to aspiring actor that are working for their big break?

Make sure that you receive an education. Acting is a craft. You have tools in a tool box and you use them to build. Train. Never stop. Keep learning throughout your entire career.

One last question. What was your second career choice?

I’ve never done anything else.

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