It's Confirmed…Meet the New Christian Grey


After Charlie Hunnan quit and Robert Pattinson didn’t give it a second thought, directors and producers of the long-awaited film 50 Shades of Grey, went on a frenzy to find their new leading man.

And here he is.

Meet actor Jamie Dornan.

This model-turned-actor is known for his role in Once Upon A Time and past relationship with Hollywood actress Keira Knightley. Dornan is one of the few male actors that was willing to expose his back side and receive a paycheck for what is known in Hollywood as a mere $125,000. With his rugged good looks and sexy pectorals, it’s evident that we’ll be seeing in the next issue of People magazine’s Most Beautiful People issue.

Tattlers, do you think Jamie will make the perfect Christian Grey?

Photo Credit: Instagram

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