Donald Glover + Zazie Beetz Drop Gems for Interview Mag

Donald Glover + Zazie Beetz

Donald Glover + Zazie Beetz did an interview together. Also known as Childish Gambino, the rapper/actor sat down with his Atlanta co-star and discussed eating meat, being a Black woman and social media to name a few. Now, I know these topics may not sound very exciting but when two creatively intelligent individuals open their mouths… prepare for gems to be dropped.

Donald Glover + Zazie Beetz

As of yet, the hype over Donald Glover is the fact he wants to drop his hip-hop moniker Childish Gambino. But, that may change after I list a few of my favorite quotes from this interview for Interview magazine.

Beetz:  I started training this week [for the Deadpool sequel] and I don’t really go to the gym, so my body’s been like, “What the fuck?” All of a sudden I’m craving fruit and celery.

Glover: Meanwhile, I just ate three burgers.

I’ve realized that the body, the world, and the mind are all one thing. I’ve begun feeling that my responsibility is to the Earth. Beetz

Donald Glover + Zazie Beetz

Beetz:  I struggle with feeling like I should go completely vegan, but I had a donut yesterday, and that shit was good.

Glover: My thinking was that if I couldn’t kill it, I also couldn’t eat meat. A lot of people have social agendas now. Everyone has a brand, and part of that is an online social agenda. Do you feel that you need to contribute to that conversation?

Beetz:  I do, actually. But I don’t have a Twitter account. I don’t really do Facebook anymore, and sometimes I’ll go six months without checking Instagram. I do wonder if it’s my responsibility to spread a message of environmental awareness or political awareness or just, like, don’t be racist or whatever.

GLOVER: It’s hard to be a full person online.

BEETZ: If you Google yourself, do you feel like your whole personhood is represented?

Absolutely not. I think that’s why almost everyone has their own, very different ideas of who, say, Meryl Streep is. -Glover

Donald Glover + Zazie Beetz

GLOVER: As a black woman, do you feel the pressure of having to represent something bigger than yourself?

BEETZ: Yeah, I do. “White people in the industry don’t realize that actors of color need to appeal to white people while also not becoming the black celebrity that black people don’t like.” If you’re not black, you don’t have to think about that. They see me as a natural chick who, like her hair, is kind of weird and crazy. She likes patchouli and doesn’t wear deodorant. And I don’t mind that, but I didn’t necessarily choose it for myself.

Glover: ven the “Cash me outside, howbow dah?” girl has a brand. I look at the Internet as a giant Ouija Board. I might not want to be branded one way or another, but the Ouija Board of the internet is going to choose it regardless. You can either be yourself to the fullest or you can manipulate it, but then you’re giving up a piece of yourself. I don’t think I could be Kim Kardashian, or someone whose real life is so intertwined with whatever people are reading about you.

Robert Redford was once asked, “Are you really Robert Redford?” and he said, “Only when I’m alone.” I love that, because it’s true. You’re only really you when you have nothing.

Donald Glover + Zazie Beetz, thank you.

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