International Superstar Sam Sarpong Makes A Dent In Hollywood!

Sam Sarpong is a Hollywood force to be reckoned with. Following his parent’s divorce, he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 11, and knew that he came to the right place.

Now, you can catch him hosting specials on BET, designing stylish apparel, acting and even recording in the studio. Sam Sarpong is a Hollywood hustler that isn’t looking to stop anytime soon. I was given the chance to chat with him about his Chosen One clothing line, new album, and upcoming film. This guy is such a hard worker, there is absolutely no way you will not be inspired and motivated to achieve your dreams, after you read this interview!!



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In a recent interview with Black Hollywood Live, you said “I know where I’m trying to go…” What path are you currently on?

I am going to a place where I want to be my own boss. I’m not waiting on a job, but I am creating jobs. I created a production company called Future Stars Entertainment Group. Myself, movie producer Ken Kokin and FilmCity Studios owner Lior Conin are currently writing a horror film that will come out next year. I’ll reveal one thing about the movie…the Black guy won’t die!

Tell me about you going back to school.

I am going to school to study acting. I feel that I have the potential to be great and gain more knowledge. That’s how bad I want it.

You’re a spokesperson for KD Luxe Jewelry. Do you have different modeling skills when advertising jewelry, compared to apparel?

No, it’s quite easy. I just shot the 2014 Spring Campaign for KD Luxe Jewelry in Malibu. We also collaborated on my brand, Future Stars Collection by KD Luxe. It offers unique silver jewelry pieces such as crosses, skulls, diamonds. Its very rock star. Future Stars Collection is my clothing line that is already huge in Asia. I created Chosen One, which is my new line under the Future Stars Collection. I believe that many are called, few are chosen. Megan Good, Darius McCrary and Keith Robinson are just a few celebrities that have worn Chosen One apparel. On August 24th, myself and Duane Martin will be hosting my launch party for the line, at the XEN lounge.  Its also featured at the Screen Famous boutique on Melrose. The clothing line offers denim, jackets and t-shirts that start at $40. I’ve always had a knack for fashion. But, beginning in the fall of 2014, you’ll be able to add my jewelry to the clothes.

Besides hosting and modeling, you are going to star in a Crossed The Line, a film starring Ice-T and Vanessa Williams. What can you reveal about your character?

Well the movie is about four sisters. Their mother owns a flower shop. Unfortunately she passes away and its the sister’s responsibility to hold the shop down. While doing so, it gets robbed. I play the boyfriend of a sister and Ice-T’s nemesis. Its a high-endurance film where I’m shooting  guns, running etc. It was physically grieving. Crossed The Line will be out next summer.

I think this is a question that all of your fans and admirers are wondering, how do you juggle hosting, getting into a movie character, staying in shape for modeling and then at the end of the day…being Sam?

Its all work. I’m a chameleon. When I go home, I leave it all behind.

[Sam Sarpong Making of a Male Supermodel video footage]

Let’s talk about your documentary…

I have been recording my documentary, Life of an Entertainer, for 15 years. I wanted to record this documentary as a way for fans to see that there is more than glamour that comes with working in the entertainment industry. They’ll see me booking different shows, but they’ll also be able to watch when I sold my house to move to Toronto, only to receive a call the day before my move, that the deal was cancelled. I went through a huge depression. Nothing is sugar coated. I want to inspire so many people. You’ll see footage of me performing in Asia to a crowd of 70,000 fans, but in the US I don’t have a record deal.

Okay, how do you stay consistent and persistent in this business?

I don’t have a Plan B. This is all that I know and I’m going to die trying. I’m so passionate. No matter what, I’m going to be the best Sam that I can be.

-Sam Sarpong is not only talented, but he’s very motivating, inspiring and caring. A talent that you want to see reach his highest potential; and you know what…he will.

Photo Credit: Future Star Flix, Curtis Sabir, Getty Images

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